The Power of Six…

Back to school season can bring a good place in your year to reflect on the past 8 months and vision for the next months to come. Can you create a new routine?  Of course you can!  With the power of six.

In 1918 Charles Schwab hired Ivy Lee to increase productivity in his steel company.  Yes, almost 100 years ago they dealt with the same issues we have today regarding how to make the most of your time each day! Lee agreed to meet with each of his leadership team and told Schwab his day of meetings would be free – and, in 90 days he could send him a check for whatever he thought the time was worth after seeing results.

Lee received a check.  $400,000 in today’s economy for teaching the executives the power of 6.  It works because it is simple enough to work, makes you make hard decisions, it can be immediately implemented, promotes single-tasking, and it is easily shared.

What is the power of six?

  • A list of SIX items to complete the following day.
  • Your list should be specific:  book 3 parties, make contacts, or clean house doesn’t work. “Call Susie, Joan, & Maggie” with phone numbers or” Dust family room” is best.
  • Once your list of six is created, prioritize them.  This removes the hard place of knowing where to start.
  • This list also keeps you focused.  Having broad tasks or feeling the need to multi-task is eliminated.
  • Any items not accomplished are moved to the next day and have high priority numbers.

This plan isn’t rocket science.  But, it does create momentum!  It’s amazingly simple to implement, can be started anytime, and is easily replicated by people in your business or family.  Grab an accountability partner and put the Power of Six in place for you!

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