Book Review: The Better Life Book

We love this blog by our gurl member Beth Wyatt. Enjoy!

Beth's New Normal

I have an addiction to self help books.  I’ll be the first to admit there is something simply tantalizing about seeing someone make something out of nothing, and make that something rocket into amazing!   However,  there are few times that I actually finish these books.  Honestly, often I find the person’s writing to lack genuine appeal, or simply find their ideals to far fetched to stomach.  Often I’ve done this guilt dance where I continue to read a bit out of guilt, after all I committed when I purchased the book, right?  Then walk away disgusted with my wasted time and efforts.

The Better Life BookThe “Better Life” Light
This past week, however, I was blessed to read “The Better Life Book” by Rosemarie Francis.  This book is a power house of nitty gritty honesty, hope, and joy with a shot of, “Go girl! You got this! “ It’s…

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