So very pleased to meet you….

10 seconds. 10 seconds? Research shows you have about 10 seconds to make a first impression. Are you kidding? I can talk the paint off the barn! I need 10 seconds to say “hello! how are you? Oh my lands! I just love your earrings (this is always sincere and can be replaced by any number of personal accessories)  – like LOVE them, … ” and I haven’t even introduced myself yet! So,”they” are telling me I have 10 seconds???

Hi! I’m Carrie Peterson, I’m a Founding Director with All’asta and new Blogger with Gurlz for Gurlz!  And, I’m so excited to have this opportunity!  We are hoping these posts will help bind together our chapters & members, as well as, add some fun & pearls of wisdom to our businesses. As I was thinking about introducing myself it got me thinking of how we introduce ourselves.

I recently read an article about having a YES face or a NO face.  The writer walked through an airport reading if people had a YES or NO face…. it really struck me. What kind of face do I wear? Do people feel like I am approachable? Warm? Welcoming? When I’m meeting someone for the first time do I show a YES or NO face? A YES or NO energy? What face do you present in your first 10 seconds?

Before walking into a meeting or opportunity (even if you are running late), take a minute to take a breath. If your first 10 seconds are about traffic frustrations, chasing dogs that escaped the fence, or spilling coffee… as Taylor would say “shake it off!” Breathe, smile, and open yourself up from a place of YES! The rest will come naturally. And, if the person you are meeting has had a hard morning too, you can put them at ease as well. Bonus!

I simply cannot wait to meet each and every one of you! Please know we are looking for ideas, contributors, and topics for this blog.  So feel free to send them my way at and put Attention: Carrie in the subject line.

Get’em Gurlz! And, it’s nice to meet you…if you would like to have coffee and expand on those first 10 seconds, send me an email!