BE Intentional…

Not long ago someone asked me if I could share a message with the world, what message would I share.  A thousand things ran through my mind at once.  Jesus, faith, family, and more.  Yet… a common thread spoke more clearly… BE INTENTIONAL.  Be. Intentional.

Be intentional with:  The Word, your words, service, giving, love, smiles, listening, receiving (make a note: not everything on Facebook is written about you! lol), hugs, relationships, faith, laughter, family, friends, choices, time, and resources!! Just to name a few.

We BE all the time, right?  (grammar police, bear with me… I’ll turn it around in just a minute!)… We BE:  wives, mothers, daughters, sisters, dishwashers, taxi drivers, care givers, cheerleaders, maids, cooks, laundry sorters, budget keepers, time managers, nurses, and… let’s be honest… sometimes we BE wishful thinkers, regretters, mourners, grievers, and even quitters.

Today you have decided to BE INTENTIONAL with something. Is it something that will add positivity to your life and help you grow physically, emotionally, spiritually, or mentally?  Jim Elliott said, “Wherever you are, be all there.”  So let’s be intentional about being ALL there… with how we BE.

Today… join me, as I BE:  brave, strong, focused, goal-oriented, achievers, dream catchers, proud, happy, free… and INTENTIONAL!!

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