Pared down…

Back in the fall I had the privilege of listening to John Maxwell, live.  It was amazing.

I had read his books, enjoyed his tapes, even watched youtube clips.  But, I knew seeing him live was going to be something to remember! It really was a great evening.  I was reminded of it last Sunday during a particularly touching sermon at church.  What connected it for me?  The verbiage? A particular quote? A concept?

No way. I had to pause both times! Well, let me explain.  I am a note taker. I can’t hardly place a Chinese take out order without doodling on a notepad or make a note. It’s just who I am. So on both of these occasions, I found myself writing almost every word. I wanted to savor the phrases over and over.

But, for the love, I was being held back – hindered – slowed down!! Yes, sweet readers, my bracelets were keeping me from my ink-joy flow.  They were jingling and getting caught on the spine of my journal. Amazingly frustrating.  So, I had to pare down. Get rid of the extra and make room for new and fresh.

The silliness of bracelets, journals, and great pens really got me thinking. What other parts of my life do I need to pare down to make room for something fresh & new?  Am I missing a great word or fresh idea because “normal accessories” are easy and comfortable?

Do you need to make some room for a new word? A fresh idea? Something GREAT?! Oh yes, it’s right there in front of you… so throw those bracelets in your purse and listen up!! Get ready to be changed!!

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