Fresh Month… Fresh Year… Fresh Disappointment…

Have you bought a new planner for 2015?

Have you made a handful of Resolutions?

Have you pinned a dozen dinner, savings, or cleaning ideas from Pinterest to implement?

Have you stood in the middle of the house and shouted to the four corners – THIS will be MY year?!

Yeah, me too. And, last year. And, the year before. By February (at the latest), we have battled a snow day or two, a case of sniffles, or a Grey’s Anatomy marathon and we are off the routine and quickly give up.

SO… is there a way for it all to be different?  To find our true North and stay focused for that path the ENTIRE year? I believe there is. What if… maybe, just maybe… we take that new planner and implement something each month? “They” say it takes 4-6 weeks to create a habit. Let’s try to create many new & exciting habits this year that will add joy, peace, and blessings to our homes & businesses.

1) Grab your 2015 planner.  Take a minute and look for a day that would work for each month. The first day seems like a quick & easy answer, but, maybe it’s the 15th or 2nd Tuesday that may work well for you month after month. Once you’ve found it, highlight it!

2) On each of those highlighted days for the next 12 months, give yourself a goal, resolution, or mission.  Be intentional!! Want to walk more for exercise? Start that in March or April when the weather starts to warm! Want to meal plan? Begin in the summer with fresh fruits & veggies! Want to organize more? Start in January or February when you are indoors more anyway!

3) Give yourself a month to really focus on each resolution.  Then, by the time the next month’s highlighted date rolls around, you are ready to attack a new plan and add it to your routine!

4) Just like New Years Eve & New Years Day — CELEBRATE! Celebrate each and every month your BIG steps in creating your new good habit and build excitement in what you are going to implement in the month to come! This could be a meal out with a friend, phone call to your accountability partner, or blissful latte/dessert. Just be sure the celebration is part of the plan.

Imagine a year full of successes. Imagine a year with out disappointments & frustrations. Imagine knowing what you what to keep, change, or discard.  Imagine celebrating each and every step and ringing in 2016 knowing you have created a pattern where you are in control.  You can DO THIS!  We can do this.  Join me.